Sager + Wilde is East London’s thoroughly modern wine spot, completed without pretension that compliments its surroundings and the locals of Shoreditch and Hackney. Every effort is made for customers to relax and enjoy a glass or two from their expertly picked list. They love and know wine and will understand if your knowledge is limited to the times of the year Sainsbury's reduces Jacob's Creek. So you certainly won't find any snobbery here, just enthusiasts wanting to help. co-owner Michael then, was the perfect gent to share with us the essentials that every man should know about wine.

Michael’s personal taste in wine stems from its ethereal appeal: “It’s aspirational, wine has a grown up feel to it without being elitist and can provide endless knowledge. What you’re drinking today in two years could change. Every vintage is different due to the climate. It’s a generation-spanning subject with an archaic link.”


From basic knowledge to grasping taste and price points, these five tips from Mr Sager will ensure comfortable navigation into the art of wine appreciation:


1. A wine glass is the most important item you could ever own

Zalto products are unmatched with Reidl the more affordable option. Look at great wine the same way as having a really good song or film. You should feel obliged to make sure that you have every piece of kit available to enhance the experience. The best quality in a wine glass is to deliver wine onto your tongue in a way that you don't notice the glass.


2. Watch your spend

£18 to £25 should be the minimum spend for a very good bottle of wine in a supermarket. Whereas £30-£40 is the sweet spot in a restaurant. Don't ever spend more. There’s no point in trying to show off. Never just order the second on the list either, it’s just too obvious.


3. Wine is good for you

People have forgotten wine is natural. Beer is not, it doesn't exist in nature. Wine makers are farmers unlike those who make spirits or beer. So it's not subject to trends like beer and spirits. Wine, in small quantities, can be beneficial to your health and doesn't get you super smashed. It’s better for you than other alcoholic drinks when you consider that all you are drinking is fruit juice with anti-oxidants. Wine has to speak of its origin in order to taste of something.


4. Be prepared to learn

In a wine bar or restaurant, listen to your bartender and give him a budget. Put your trust in him like you would a barber. Don't let yourself feel awkward about it if you're on a date as a beautiful relationship can ensue. Wine knowledge is an aspirational subject so remember what grape you like, not the region and always ask questions from there. You’ll get recommendations that they truly believe in. Don’t procrastinate about spending money on good wine. After all, your potential future husband or wife is surely worth more than that.


5. Trying to match food and wine will ruin your experience

To understand wine is one thing, but trying the grasp direct relationships between food and wine is something else. When you eat, you should drink water and during the break divulge in wine. It stresses you out otherwise and you end up drinking it too quickly. There should never be an urge to have your drink finished before your main course arrives.


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