If you’ve found yourself discreetly tapping ‘how to grow a beard’ into Google, then, chances are, you’re either totally clean shaven and living in regret, or, you simply struggle to grow the type of beard that you really want.

Facial hair growth is no mean feat, hence the connotations of virility and downright manliness clinging on from way back when. Put simply though, we’re just not all naturally gifted with beard-growing genes. For any man to not be able to wear hair on his chin when he desires to, can be most frustrating.

You can stare, stroke and even pep talk to your follicles in the mirror, but without the right beard growth products and a whole world of patience, your dreams of being able to effortlessly use your teeth as a bottle opener whilst proudly oiling a full and thick beard remain just that; a dream. But have no fear, where there’s a will, there is certainly a way, and together, with the expertise of Murdock barbers, we can achieve. Read how below. NB - do not try and open bottles with your teeth for any reason.


Believing is achieving

Originally used for practicality and warmth during the times of the ancient, the humble beard quickly became considered a fashionable symbol of wisdom and dignity as time developed. With beards in history only cut as punishment, a long and strong beard today still holds a symbol of status for some modern-day men.

A finely groomed, thick, long beard is somewhat a rite of passage for many, and whilst we may not go as far as to curl the ends with hot tongs (we’ll leave the ringlets in the Victorian era) if having hair there is your thing, then it’s pretty damn cool. However, it’s no secret that not everyone’s facial hair grows at the same rate and thickness. But don’t ever think that you can’t grow a beard because it's taking a long time. That my friend, would be admitting defeat. Accept what you’re working with in the facial hair department and, the rest will soon be history.


Persist and Resist

Ah yes, the first stages in beard growth require not only patience (you’re probably not going to suddenly wake up as Leo in The Revenant) but also persistence and mental resilience. Sound dramatic? Okay, yes maybe it is a little, but you really do have to stick to your guns in those famous first few weeks. You’ll be nothing short of dying to shave off that scruffy, wispy stubble that will inevitably appear in the early days of growing a beard. As well as looking slightly teenage boy-esque it will also itch like crazy. But, if you want that growth then perseverance is key in how to grow a beard faster.

One way to cure the itch is to invest in our best selling Beard Moisturiser. It will not only soothe irritation but a daily application will also ensure your beard feels as smooth as silk (while smelling absolutely incredible). A modern bearded man's must-have!


Shampoo and Set

Believe it or not, another way to make your beard grow and another expert answer to 'how to grow a beard faster' is to wash it. “But, I do that already” we hear you cry. Yes, but do you do it properly? Keeping your skin and beard clean is important, no in fact essential to a long and thick beard.

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner (yep, it’s a thing) will be your friend right from the beginning of the beard growing process. Choose one free from sulphates and with a low PH to thoroughly cleanse without stripping sensitive follicles or skin. Adopting this level of beard care early on will also help towards a fuller appearance once yours has really got a move on. So lather up and indulge that facial hair because, it's worth it.


Oil him up

What does Beard Oil do? Should you be using oil on your beard? Yes. Yes you should. Beard oil contains the essential nutrients needed to grow that luscious, long and healthy beard and should be a big part of your ‘how to grow a beard’ quest.

It not only moisturises the facial hair, but also the skin beneath, which firstly encourages growth, but also, (thank god) calms the irritating itch that occurs as you’re trying to get it longer. The regular use of beard oil will result in less of a dry, flaky and shaggy beard and more of a shiny, thick masterpiece that you couldn’t be more proud of if it was your child. True facts.


Enhance the Good Bits

You’ve persevered through the itch, slapped on the oil, you’ve counted the hairs several times over, you’ve even declared that you’re giving up because you simply "can’t grow a beard", but as time has gone on, you’ve actually managed to gain a decent coverage. You’ve hopefully had compliments left, right and centre from envious male friends and even a few tuts from your mum and grandma.

Even if it’s turned out a little thin and patchy in places - this is okay. Not everyone suits a lumberjack style beard. Instead, it’s time to focus on the thicker ares and style it up to suit your face. It’s also worth remembering that just because you’ve reached the end of your ‘how to grow a beard’ journey, your beard will continue to grow in thickness and length, therefore slowly eliminating patches. Now you just need to work on styling it -  get some alternative beard style ideas here.