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One of our most recent enquiries came via Twitter regarding the best hair products to use for styling and keeping a sleek, side-parted, retro quiff in place whilst avoiding an overly crispy finish (because let’s face it, nobody enjoys attempting to run their fingers through a static and sticky head of hair).

To which, Head Barber in Soho Mr. Sam Hickey has offered his assured advice:

"The best way to style a retro quiff and keep it held in place works by following three simple steps...”


Step 1 - Blow-Drying

Don't let using a hairdryer scare you off if you are not used to blow-drying! More men are embracing this as part of their daily routine - as they should - to get the best results from their haircut. This is also one of the most important steps for achieving a side-parted quiff.

Whilst your hair is damp, find your parting (where your hair naturally shifts left and right) with your comb of choice (the finer the teeth in the comb, the sharper the parting will be) and comb that into place whilst maneuvering the rest of the hair to the other side of your head.

Before you even pick up the hairdryer, apply Sea Salt Spray to the damp hair. This acts as a primer to provide some gritty texture and build height and shape. When it's dried into shape, it will hold in place much better and also won’t look like you've overly-added any product.

Now comes the blow-drying.. The best method is really straightforward as all you want to do is direct your hair into the place where you want it to sit. So dry the parting in as well as manipulating the rest of the body to sit across. Having used a primer, you will achieve this with ease!


Step 2 – Combing/Shaping

Now your hair is fully dried, it should be a lot easier to manipulate into a basic shape and restructure your parting if it's fallen out of place. Use a brush for the bulk work, sweeping the majority of your hair to the side and then use a comb to part the hair with a bit more ease. Some people have these partings shaved in, but this can be quite extreme and it requires a lot of upkeep as it grows back fairly quickly.


Step 3 - Styling with product

Now the fun really begins. If you're looking for a more natural finish, apply Hair Doh which will add texture. Apply to the hair by running it over the top of the style and then comb/brush through. A slicker '50s rockabilly look with shine can be achieved by using Elastick. Again, apply by hand (water-based products require even application to avoid strands sticking up), then comb/brush in to place. If you use Pomade, remember that is very greasy and will require a clarifying shampoo to fully remove it.


Side Parted Quiff Finish copy-min


The Final Result


If you aren’t opposed to a slightly crisp finish for the benefit of longer-lasting style, you can always conclude the styling by setting the hair - especially the quiff - with a good quality hairspray.


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