A very Happy New Year to our debonair clients and followers!

With party season now well and truly over (it hurts to write), it’s time to face the new year with as much positivity and confidence that is conjurable while still adjusting back to daily routines and digesting those final remains of seasonal excess.

Fixed yourself up a good-willed resolution? Already broken it? We thought as much. Not to worry though, we’re not here to judge your alcohol consumption levels and failed exercise plans. We are however here to help you with your grooming maintenance.



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Our Master Barber Alex Glover has kindly contributed some easy and beneficial tips that you will actually be able to commit to all year through, without the temptation of slacking off and losing all sense of willpower (okay at least with steps 1-4). This is a five-step resolution that you will hopefully find yourself wanting to stick to and likewise impress others by following. Not only that, but your body will also be eternally grateful in the long run. By the 1st of January 2018, these activities won’t appear to be anything but ordinary - we sincerely hope.

Good luck sticking to these words of wisdom gentlemen, although we're extremely hopeful you won't even need it..




1. Apply Murdock Facial Scrub twice a week to help remove the dead skin from your face, leaving you with refreshed skin cells, enhanced elasticity and restored moisture to the face.

What’s most unique about our signature scrub is the very fine pumice powder contained inside. This helps to exfoliate dead skin and reaches into all the small pores around your nose. A lot of people suffer with tiny blackheads in this area and this ingredient targets such problems.

When applying the scrub, take a small scoop out of the pot with a middle finger and rub between your tips. Apply to small areas of the face at a time in a circular motion to deepen the cleansing. We recommend leaving it to dry into your skin for a few minutes upon application as the clay will help to absorb unwanted oils and toxins from your pores. Follow by applying a hot flannel for no more than a few minutes. This allows the scrub to be fully absorbed into the skin, leaving you feeling highly moisturised.


Eye Serum

2. Applying Eye Serum achieves exactly what it says on the tin. It hydrates and soothes your surrounding eye area – a crucial remedy to looking and feeling fresh when your body is still adjusting to new routines and your sleep pattern becomes slightly askew.


Repairing Lip Salve

3. Lip Salve at this time of year is near-essential for avoiding and healing chapped lips. Nobody wants to start the working day with a face that looks tired and unhealthy. During conversations, everybody reads and looks at lips when others speak, so don’t get caught out thinking that unhealthy lips can go unnoticed!

Our salve contains a blend of essential oils, apricot and avocado extracts that melt and soak in to the lips, providing an instant uplift and refreshing reaction.


4. Avoid the vending machine at work like a bad smell and simply drink more water throughout the day. Water helps re-hydrate your skin from the inside and flushes out any unwanted toxins.


5. Exercise! Just a bit will help, trust us. It goes a long way in losing any retained water and keeps you healthier in general. We don’t mean just join a gym for free in January and quit on the 31st by the way. Stick to it and you’ll only reap in the benefits.


Before embarking on any new regimes. Be sure to see your barber for a New Year's trim and tidy-up to feel suitably replenished and have your appearance revitalised for the year ahead.


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