Groom-o-graphic: Exfoliating Facial Scrub


Usually by this point in the calendar, we would have a perfectly natural reason to highlight our Exfoliating Facial Scrub from our signature Skincare Range. With a new, brighter season on the horizon and a 'fresher-feeling you' required to suit, it would just make sense, right?

Turns out it’s still ridiculously freezing cold and even snowing, yes SNOWING as we write these words. Men’s faces and hands haven’t been this tested to endure such bitter chills during a British 'springtime' for as long as we can remember.

Whilst focusing on our scrub, we further offer to you a brief guide to the benefits of our extensive skincare range. So as to provide an ideal balance between renewing your skin for spring and protecting it from this winter chill which refuses to go away.

The Exfoliating Facial Scrub has the ability to reinvigorate and replenish the skin, suiting as an ideal way to embrace the usual fresh warmth of spring.

As a key stage to The Murdock Facial service, the use of the scrub effectively clears and refreshes the skin. This is an ideal product to similarly use at home whilst taking advantage of a hot, steamy shower (something to still be cherishing under the current climate). The scrub itself contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Pumice and Herbal extracts to exfoliate and refresh the skin cells. The ingredients actively further enhance elasticity and restore moisture to the face.

What’s unique about our signature scrub is the very fine pumice powder contained inside (see the video below as our Master Barber Alex Glover guides us through the product’s features and qualities). This helps exfoliate the dead skin and reaches into all the small pores around your nose. A lot of people suffer with tiny blackheads in this area and this ingredient targets such problems.

When applying the scrub, take a small scoop out of the pot with a middle finger and rub between your tips. Apply to small areas of the face at a time in a circular motion to deepen the cleansing. You want to let it set in for a little whilst on the face and follow by applying a hot flannel for no more than a few minutes. This allows the scrub to be fully absorbed into the skin, leaving you feeling highly moisturised. This is an ideal treatment to apply once a week to reinvigorate from the regular beating that your face takes from the elements.

With these currently confused and potentially damaging conditions attacking our skin on a daily basis however, now couldn’t be a more appropriate time to analyse the soothing benefits that several additional products from our skincare range can provide...

Further to exfoliating, just a small amount of our Daily Facial Moisturiser will have a huge impact upon the well-being of your skin. This is a very rich product that post-scrub will go a long way in uplifting and refreshing your newly revived face.

While the icy chills cease to allow us looking and feeling our freshest, our Eye Serum is an ideal addition to your arsenal of uplifting skincare items. Containing Arnica Montana Flower Extract and Concentrated Cucumber, this product is all about hydration and the active ingredients help to increase blood flow and brighten any dark circles around the eye area.

A more subtle yet potentially regular skincare treatment to consider is our Daily Lip Salve. In these harsh winds, our lips are more vulnerable to drying out and painful chapping. Our salve contains a blend of essential oils, apricot and avocado extracts that melt and soak in to the lips, providing an instant uplift and refreshing reaction.


Murdock's Revitalising Facial uses the Murdock Skincare range range to refresh, revitalise and rejuvenate a gent's skin after his exertions in town or country. Murdock Master Barber Alex Glover shows you.