Before delving in to this article we ask you one simple question: Do you own a hair dryer?

We only ask because according to the Murdock barbers (who we trust unreservedly when it comes to hair styling advice), it is one of the most essential tools a modern man can own. Screwdriver sets and cordless drills - what did they ever achieve? Alright, you should definitely consider owning these too if you don't already for the sake of your home. A good hair dryer though should definitely make the top of your hardware wishlist if you're looking to embark on professional levels of DIY hair styling at home.

If you feel you may need further convincing, or indeed have come to this article hair dryer in hand but without a clue on what to do with it, read our Senior Barber Joe Pomper's handy guide below to not only learn how to use one, but absorb every benefit you will gain from introducing a good blow-dry to your morning routine...


Carl Taylor getting to work on building that quiff in Murdock Covent Garden


Why are hair dryers so important?


Blow drying helps to pre-mould your hair into a style. It plays a part in every haircut service we provide at Murdock as it effectively takes the moisture out of hair, causing less frizz and creates a natural overall body and shape to style away at.


How to use a hair dryer:


Blow dry hair when it's still damp and be sure to direct the air flow to match the direction of your hair's growth (unless you're looking to achieve a supreme quiff).

Do make use of the nozzle/attachment that fits on the end of your hair dryer. This will help to direct the airflow in the correct direction rather than blasting over a wider radius than required and making a mess. For curly hair however, don't use a nozzle and instead hold the dryer further away from your head to best prevent frizziness.

Remember to keep your hair dryer in frequent motion so that you don't burn any hairs or indeed your scalp - nobody wants that! Even distribution of air and heat will always offer the best results.



James Murdock Covent Garden Barber

James Carroll creating texture and volume on short hair with a blow dry


Top blow drying tips:


I recommend applying a small amount of your preferred styling product before blow-drying to best assist creating a style.

Don't go at your hair aggressively by default - the slow speed setting is there for good reason and offers you more time to achieve that desired style.

As with speed, a good hair dryer should also have options on the heat setting. A medium heat prevents drying out hair too quickly.



Recommendations/what to look for when shopping for a hair dryer:


For men with short hair, any type of hairdryer can be suitable to achieve a desired style with plenty of natural volume. For men with long or particularly thick hair, you may want to try a stronger option. So check the wattage before committing to a dryer as the higher the watts, the more powerful the machine. Most models are set to around 2000W but there's plenty of options on the market either side of that benchmark.


Let us know how you get on adding a hair dryer to your hair styling regime by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter with @murdocklondon.


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