During my 11 years as Master Barber at Murdock, I have helped establish us as a key player in the global barbering industry. We took Murdock barbering from the basic idea of barbering the industry was at in 2006 to new levels. We created services, products, store atmospheres and barbering teams which guys could connect with and feel confident with. I am truly proud to have been involved since the beginning and seen the company grow yearly from strength to strength. From acorns mighty oaks do grow!

Now we are at a new branch in the company journey - with an updated product line which takes us into America via Nordstrom! And to see barbers progressing through the company to represent the brand out there has been a proud moment.

I got in to hairdressing first but had always been more interested in men’s image as I can directly relate to it! I love the fact that you can change the way you are perceived with grooming and create an air of sophisticated cool. Being more well-groomed than the next man is a valuable piece of a gentleman’s style arsenal! Going for classic, inspired haircuts which still have a very sharp edge to them silently transcends class and eras. Use product to enhance a look without being overdone. Create a new you with a beard to suit! All men can be gentlemen, but not all are Murdock Men…

Fun Facts

I’ve worked in almost all of our stores over the years … so that’s Old Street, Redchurch Street, Liberty, Monmouth Street, Stafford Street, King Street, Sloane Street, Brewer Street and in Paris.

I’ve lost count of the actual number of shaves but estimate that 11years x 48 weeks per year x 5 days per week x average 2 per day = 5,280 shaves.

Make that around 4x beard trims a day and that becomes 10,560 beard trims.

Haircuts – averaging say 8 a day makes it 23,760 in 11 years…

Murdock had just 2 barber chairs when I began and now has 29.

The estimate percentage of grey hairs now on my head is 20%.