Murdock London grooming, skincare products for men


We had one key idea in mind when creating the signature Murdock collections: ‘Fine grooming, made in England.’ High quality and highly effective men’s essentials, developed and produced in the British Isles, using a core of the finest natural ingredients. Each one encapsulates the heritage of Great British grooming with the style and character of a modern gentleman. 



Travelling by boat, plane and sleeper-train, we have journeyed across the globe, carefully sourcing natural ingredients from beautiful locations to create Murdock’s distinctive collection of masculine colognes. The final scents revisit the 19th and 20th Century tradition of British fragrances and update them for contemporary sensibilities. Each one truly reflects a different aspect of a modern gentleman’s character; his tastes, travels, style and cultural pursuits.




Our collections of shave, hair and beard essentials are focused on the belief that ‘Success depends upon preparation.’ With the knowledge of our expert barbers, we have been able to create highly effective products that fulfil fundamental grooming needs and help men present themselves at their sharpest and smoothest. The nourishing, high performing quality of the Murdock ranges transform what can be otherwise tedious daily regimes into enjoyable experiences. So whether it’s our barbers’ favourite Sea Salt Spray, the luxurious lather of our Shave Cream or our GQ award-winning Beard Moisturiser, it’s all better living through grooming.




Taking its cue from the Great British Isles, its cities, coast, countryside, even its weather, the Murdock Skincare collection has been specially formulated to provide all the nourishment a man’s skin needs. Simple, clinically effective English garden herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary combine with other natural ingredients and essential vitamins. Developed in close collaboration between Brendan, our expert team of London barbers and our laboratory in Suffolk, it took nearly two years to perfect the consistencies, performance and scents of the collection.