Ernest Double Edge Razor

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Contains: Ernest Double Edge Razor with Black Handle, Razor Blades.

How to use

Unscrew the razor heard from the handle.

Separate the top section of the head from the bottom section.

Carefully place a double edged blade on the bottom of the head.

Place the top of the head back on and re-attach the handle. Screw the handle to lock back into place.

Whichever Murdock razor you choose to equip, prepare to enjoy the closest and most satisfying shave of your life.

Barber Tip

"Always dispose of your blades safely by using the plastic cartridge that they come in. When the cartridge is empty, insert your used blades back in and dispose of the container as a whole. Do not throw individual, unprotected blades in the bin."

Why We Make It

Shaving with a single blade causes less tension on the skin, helping to prevent razor burn with less strokes required. Ernest Razors further relieve common issues with ingrown hair and razor bumps because of the angle that the blade is fixed in shape to cut hair at: a perfect 30 degrees.

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Ernest Double Edge Razor