Are Murdock products natural?

The term “natural” itself may be confusing and mean different things to different people. It doesn’t help that some of nature’s most deadly substances are 100% natural or are derived from natural sources. Our products contain many high performance, active ingredients of botanical origin. More importantly still, they were formulated without certain potentially hazardous chemicals such as Parabens, Sulphates, or Phthalates (Clean Label).

Are Murdock products organic?

Murdock products are not certified as organic.

Are Murdock products hypoallergenic?

Each consumer can react in a different way to the ingredients used within a product. If you have a known allergy please read the ingredients list before making a purchase or consult with your doctor. If you suffer from conditions such as eczema or other known sensitivity we would also advise to patch test any new product on the skin.

Do Murdock products contain fragrance?

Yes. The fragrance of individual products is the result of active natural extracts and essential oils, as well as a small quantity of synthetic fragrance.

Do Murdock products contain preservatives?

Ensuring product safety and efficacy is our priority. Therefore, like the other grooming products on the market they need to contain a preservative system that guarantees that. We have however, as per our Clean Label promise, achieved this without the use of parabens, which we eschewed due to their potential adverse effects on a man’s health.

Are Murdock products vegan?

Not all Murdock products are suitable for vegans as some contain ingredients such as beeswax or honey.

Non-vegan products in the range:

  • Pre-Shave Oil – contains Propolis
  • Matt Mud – contains Beeswax
  • Hair Play – contains Beeswax
  • Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo – contains Honey
  • Lip Salve – contains Beeswax
  • Charcoal Body Soap – contains Goat’s Milk
  • Black Tea Body Soap – contains Goat’s Milk
  • Face & Body Soap – contains Goat’s Milk

Is the Murdock range suitable for vegetarians?

Murdock products are suitable for vegetarians.

What is the origin of the glycerine used in Murdock products?

It is 100% derived from vegetable oils. It does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

Is your range gluten free?

With the exception of Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo, Murdock products are gluten free.

Do Murdock products contain nuts?

The majority of Murdock products are nut-free but some contain nut oils or butters. Please see the below list. Unfortunately, our manufacturers cannot guarantee that the products or raw material used would not contain traces of nuts, and we are not in the position to advise on what is suitable in case of known allergies. If you suffer from a nut allergy please consult your doctor.

  • Traditional Shaving Soap – Sweet Almond, Cacay Nut
  • Pre-Shave Oil – Sweet Amond
  • Post-Shave balm – Sweet Almond
  • Beard Oil – Macadamia, Argan
  • Face Moisturiser – Shea
  • Lip Salve – Shea
  • Charcoal Body Soap – Sweet Almond
  • Black Tea Body Soap – Sweet Almond
  • Face & Body Soap – Sweet Almond

Sweet Almond Oil supplier allergen statement: “Sweet Almond Oil that we supply as a highly refined oil is gluten free and doesn’t contain other Tree nuts or Peanuts, nor other allergens listed in EU Directive 2007/68/EC. Our approved suppliers to the business segregate the known allergens during processing and storage, but customers are advised to carry out additional testing if appropriate”.

Macadamia Oil supplier allergen statement: “As a highly refined oil it is gluten and protein free and does not contain other Tree nuts or Peanuts nor other allergens listed in EU Directive 2007/68/EC.”)

Shea butter “is refined and does not contain nuts”.

Argan Oil “doesn’t contain any tree nuts, or peanuts”.

How long can I use the product once it has been opened?

Look for the “period after opening” symbol (an open jar with a number of months) that’s featured on each product. The number stated indicates the product’s shelf life after its opening.

Is Murdock packaging eco-friendly and recyclable?

The outer packaging (carton) is recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. FCS governs standards for environmentally and socially responsible paper products. The plastic bottles and pots, glass containers of Colognes and the Murdock Candle are fully recyclable. Please remove the lids and pumps before disposing, as these are not recyclable.

Is your packaging made from recycled materials?

The bottles we use are recyclable however they are not made from recycled materials.

Are Murdock products tested on animals?

Murdock does not conduct or commission animal testing on raw materials or finished products by our laboratories or our suppliers.

Are Murdock products unisex?

Murdock products are designed for men and were created with the needs of a modern urban man’s skin in mind. We are very proud of them and their performance. And whereas it wasn’t our intention we would not be surprised if you notice your other half is soon pinching your Murdock Face Moisturiser or Face Scrub.

I have used your products before – have they now changed?

We are very proud to unveil our new range of male grooming products. Some of products are entirely new, while others (e.g. Beard Moisturiser or Sea Salt Spray) have been based on the formula of their bestselling predecessors. To create the new range we have utilised the latest technology and our barbers’ know-how, added new actives, and ensured the products don’t contain ingredients that are harmful.

Why did the prices change in 2018?

Our new prices are reflective of the new formulas, active ingredients and technology used in them. While in some categories it means a higher price, in some cases we were able to negotiate a better price with our raw material suppliers, which allowed us to lower the recommended retail price.