There comes a time in every man’s life when he decides that growing a beard would be a wonderful idea and this must be commended. Yet great beards never just happen. As with most things in life, success depends on preparation. Thankfully for those looking to reach the great grooming heights that perfectly maintained facial fur brings, we have the knowledge of the skilled Murdock barbers to guide you. Follow these expert steps to maintain, trim and style your beard and moustache to marvelousness.  

Stage One

Cleanse and Untangle:

Once your beard has grown to trimming length and started to get a little messy, it's time to wash.

Using Beard Shampoo and Conditioner in the shower will help cleanse, soften and untangle long and coarse hairs.

Stage Two

Brush Through:

Use your Beard Brush to brush through from top to bottom.

Brush the hair outwards from the face so that the longer strands are visible. This will remove knots and leave the hair nice and smooth.

Stage Three

Trim It:

Once detangled, trim the long hairs with the scissors flat against the comb. Hold the comb vertically on the sideburns and then parallel with the jawbone. For unruly neck hair, hold the comb against the neck and tip the top of the comb forward, graduating the hair so it blends better with the chin hair. Use a flannel to wipe away the cut whisker ends.

Stage Four


Rub a small amount of Beard Moisturiser into your palms, rub hands together and then run through the beard from top to bottom, smoothing the beard into shape. This will reduce itchiness and brittle hairs. Smooth through once more as the product dries. Alternatively, if you have a particularly long beard or prefer a shiny effect, use Beard Oil to soften and strengthen your beard.

Stage Five

Comb, Finish and Style:

Comb your moustache hairs. Then warm Moustache Wax in between your fingers and thumbs until soft. Apply the wax from the centre outwards and comb through with a Moustache Comb. Part in the middle and then pinch the ends, twist and turn for the handlebar look.

Undercutting it a little will help it stand out more from your beard. Take a step back and admire your good grooming work in the mirror.