Sophisticated gentlemen understand that wet shaving is an experience that, like all good things in life, becomes more enjoyable the better you are at it.

With our new guide, you will find step-by-step tips on how with the right products and technique, you can transform your daily shave from tedious task to most pleasurable morning experience. 

True grooming wisdom to pass down for generations.

Stage One

Cleanse and Exfoliate:

Thorough preparation is crucial in regards to how your skin will respond to your blade. Before shaving you should wash your face using Murdock Cleansing Facial Wash to cleanse pores of excess oils, dirt and dead skin. Exfoliate up to three times weekly with Murdock Facial Scrub too, using a gentle circle motion to fully refresh your skin.

Stage Two


After gently drying your face, applying Murdock Pre-Shave Oil will help soften the beard and nourish the skin.

Follow by soaking a flannel in half boiling, half cold water. Squeeze out and apply to your face for a few moments. Hold the flannel for longer if your facial hair is particularly heavy.

Stage Three

Creating a Lather:

Immerse your Badger Brush in warm water to soak the hair. Let the excess water drip out before proceeding to use. Take a fingertip amount of Murdock Shave Cream and using your brush, begin to create a lather in your Shaving Bowl.

Water helps soften beards and brushes also mildly exfoliate the skin. Always try to use a brush when shaving – our barber’s clients with the best skin are generally those who shave with one. Work the lather into your face using a firm circular motion.

Stage Four

Using Your Blade:

Hold your razor at a 30 degree angle to the skin, allowing the blade to smoothly sweep across the face. Always shave in the direction that the hair is pointing. Shave from the sideburn down and follow your hairline if it’s straight. If your neck hair grows sideways you can work from underneath.

With your razor in one hand, use your free hand to pull your skin taut to firmly open your pores and release the targeted hair.

Stage Five


After shaving, cool your skin down with a cold flannel for a few moments and rinse away any soap residue. Apply a liberal amount of Post-Shave Balm to soothe your face. If per chance you have any nicks, dab them with a Murdock Alum Bar to help them seal.

Complete this joyous shaving experience by spraying a dash of cologne to the back of your neck, avoiding shaved skin.