Hi, I'm Alex to my mates, Alexandra at work (or if my mum is angry with me), or Del Boy depending on whether I brought my hat to work or not.

I’m a London raised barber and musician, trained by some of the best. I joined the barbering game after realising I was not suited to being sat still behind a desk for more than 20 minutes at a time. Having a history in retail and customer service, I knew the client - barber relationship was something that would bring real reward to me and so far I haven't been disappointed in this career.

After working in a few barbershops around London, I knew the main destination for me was Murdock. I could see that the relationship with the client, along with some serious barbering skill, were the most important details in the service their barbers provide. So I bit the bullet, applied and ended up in the mighty Covent Garden store, happy days! Every day is different here and I have mega love for my fellow barbers and all my clients. I look forward to life updates each appointment and watching them walk away with a cut to be proud of.

Fun Facts

I was in a McDonalds advert (WHEN I WAS 5).

I accompanied Lemmy to an awards ceremony.

I think cauliflower should be banned.

I knew three of my great grandparents.

I can eat more biscuits than you.

I'm all out facts because I'm hungry.