I started in this amazing industry from as far back as I can remember, going to my mum’s salon after school and standing on steps or tip-toeing to reach over the basin to wash hair and I loved every moment.

I am 3rd generation from my family to enter the wonderful world of hair and after being formally in the industry for around 15 years I can honestly say there is nothing like it.

Being able to make people feel good and confident is a privilege. A good haircut can set you up for a job interview or proposal to you partner, a bad haircut can p**s you off for a long time! That’s why I try to be empathetic and listen to people and if needed give my impartial advice. I always say, “If you don’t like people, you are in the wrong industry”. I see most of my clients like my friends (probably because I see them more than my friends) so it’s never a drag coming into ‘work’. It’s more like stepping into your playground where you can be fun and creative. Even a One Grade All Over is a creative process because it’s tailor-made to each individual.

Fun Facts

I was once on a dating show and was chosen out of three people by the luck lady to go on a date.

I used to enter MMA competitions (the irony being that I hate violence).

I used to be a DJ.

I have been teaching dance for over 10 years and I still do the occasional show. I also managed to make an appearance on ITV for This Morning.

I met my wife whilst co-hosting a radio show which was based on Valentine’s Day.

I worked on a runway show at London Fashion Week which was featured in many magazines and
the Metro. By chance I was randomly interviewed by Fashion TV on the same day.