Hello I'm James and I've worked at Murdock for more than four years now in our Monmouth Street shop. I feel very lucky to work in such a great area with a cracking team.

I've had a passion for barbering and hairdressing from a young age, influenced by various family members who work in the industry.

My other interests besides hair are creating art, listening to music and podcasts, health and fitness and drinking non-alcoholic beers. (Since knocking the booze on the head a year ago, I've become something of a connoisseur…)

Hailing from the West Country, I do like to find time to get back there as often as I can to see family, friends and watch Bristol City, my beloved football team.

Before working at Murdock I backpacked with my wife in South East Asia and we worked in Australia. I do like to have a chat about my travels and am more than happy to give clients plenty of tips if they've got the travel bug.


Fun Facts

My wife and her family are all from the East End of London and still don't understand what I'm saying half the time (my accent can be strong at times).

My first tattoo at 18 was a small frog on my arm.

My wife broke her foot a week into our honeymoon in Mexico.