Hello my name is Sotiris. I was born in Albania but raised in Greece where I lived all my life before moving to London. At an early age it never crossed my mind I would become a barber but my mother when I was 10 years old did tell me, “When you grow up I would like you to become a barber. That’s the job for you.” I didn’t listen to her for years! My first jobs were being a bartender and a barista. When I did choose to follow the barbering path though, she was really proud of me.

At the age of 25 I feel in love with the barbering business! After I started to cut my own hair and everyone kept asking me who did it and that it was really good, that’s when I thought “why not?”. So I started watching videos on YouTube to learn more and practiced my technique on friends. Even at this stage I felt in love with the job!

I studied and got my degree from a private school in Greece. Afterwards I starting doing haircuts at my house and very soon I started to gain loyal clients. I then went on to have the privilege to work at the best barbershop in Greece where I learned new techniques and perfected my own. At that point I felt ready to come to London and become even better, working only for the best.

For me the best part of my job is when a customer comes in to the store, sits in my chair and trusts me to treat him and make him feel good. I always put 100% in to every haircut and always pay attention to every single detail. For me that’s what makes the difference between an average barbershop experience and a fantastic one. The smile and the happiness that a client shows at the end of every service is one of the most rewarding things about my job.

Fun Facts

Before I became a barber I used to hate that hair that would end up all over me after a haircut. Now I don’t even mind that it can stick everywhere.

My other big love in life is snowboarding. That would be my dream job if I wasn’t in love with barbering.