Don't be boring and give your Valentine a bunch of red roses this February 14th, put some thought in to it and get them something different this year. You know, something that shows them that they stand out of the crowd for you - unlike red roses. Bella Verrechia, florist at Johnny's Little Sister, gives you some ideas.

Chrysanthemums Blooms.
Floral meaning - Light of hope
Chrysanthemum blooms are bold and beautiful, if you're looking to make a statement and overwhelm your Valentine a big bunch of these is all you will need.


Red Tulips
Floral meaning - Perfect love
In Persia to give a Red Tulip is to declare your love, the black centre is said to represent the lovers heart.


Narcissus/Paper Whites.
Floral meaning- New beginning.
Valentines Day falls perfectly for Narcissus. They represent new beginnings, perfect if you are trying to start/relight a relationship. A gift of Narcissus is said to insure happiness. Paper Whites also have a beautiful fragrant.


Floral Meaning - Forsaken, expectations.
Anemones are perfect for someone who loves a natural, rustic feel. I have chosen the Anemones because it gives a very relaxed feel, but still bursts with colour.


Floral Meaning - I am dazzled by your charms.
I have chosen the Ranunculus because of their prettiness. This dainty, delicate flower is suitable for everyone, it grows in many colours and so can portray a variety of messages.


White Rose
Floral meaning - Purity and virtue
When you need to convince that your affections are straight from the heart use a white rose. One of the meanings for a white rose is ever lasting love. The white bouquet had been a tradition since Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840.

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