Windsor Silver Tip Badger Brush

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How to use

Soak the brush for a few minutes in warm water. Lift out and allow most of the excess to trickle out, until the brush is just dripping but still feels heavy with water.

NEVER FLICK or SHAKE the brush as this will dump all the water which is what gives you a great lather.

Mix initially in a bowl with shave cream to create the lather and then apply onto the face, helping to lift facial hair and exfoliate the skin.

Barber Tip

"To maintain and store your brush correctly, keep it facing downwards - ideally in a fixed stand - so that any excess water can be completely freed after use. This will keep the hair in much greater condition over time."

Why We Make It

Windsor badger hair is long and soft; perfect for ensuring a fine, close shave on even the most sensitive skin.

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Windsor Silver Tip Badger Brush