Elliot Straight Razor - Wood

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How to use

Lift the metal catch at the end of your razor.

Separate the two metal sections of the razor.

Sit your blade with the edges facing to and away from you. Hold it from underneath with both thumbs and middle fingers in the middle. Bend the edges upwards until they snap clean in half.

Fit a half-blade over the two raised bumps on the lower metal section and then place the higher metal section on top and squeeze together.

Close the catch over the two metal sections. Your straight razor is now ready for use.

Barber Tip

"Remove the blade after shaving (or rinse if you are going to re-use it). Dry the razor down and store in a dry environment."

Why We Make It

Our disposable blade straight razors incorporate the same design and required shaving methods as Cut Throat Razors. Without a fixed blade to maintain, they work as the perfect tool for introducing yourself to the art and methods of traditional shaving.

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Elliot Straight Razor - Wood