I'm Sam and I've been working at Murdock London since May 2012. Having started my barbering career in my hometown of Chelmsford, Essex I took the plunge and moved my career to London to encompass my interests of fashion, music and barbering in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Barbering isn't a job as such. It's a paid hobby.  The combination of barbering and working for Murdock has allowed me to meet some fascinating clients, listen to the interesting things they've been up to and it's allowed me to visit new places too!

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel across to the USA to work as part of our partnership with Nordstrom, which has been a career-defining experience. Visiting cities such as Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco has opened my eyes both to how much people love our brand over there and how barbering can take you across the world! I have loved every second of it and long may it continue.

I recently worked alongside Nordstrom at the #NordstromLive event in New York City for their Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. Going to one of my favourite cities, styling the models and seeing them model my haircuts on the catwalk was a proud moment.

2019 promises to be a busy year. I recently got engaged (I now have to become an adult) and my fiancée and I are now ploughing through the long list of wedding tasks. If you’re ever in my chair, any wedding advice would be much appreciated!

Working in Soho - for me, the best part of London - has enabled me to discover quirky bars, old pubs, award-winning restaurants and new clothing stores. This is what makes Soho the number one spot to visit in London.

Fun Facts

My Murdock career in numbers:

2 of each Murdock candles have been used at home! Patchouli is still my favourite.

7 bottles of Murdock Patchouli cologne have been bought and finished by me alone. Everyone has
to have a signature scent after all.

2 barber themed tattoos, these being a cut-throat on my elbow and an old school barber on the
top left of my arm.

5 different pairs of Dr Martens have been worn in and worn through since I've started. Comfort and practicality are always needed when on your feet all day.

I've performed around 7000 haircuts and 4000 beard trims in my time here at Murdock (since
records began...)

One trip to Paris to perform a pre-Paris Fashion Week for a long-time client and fashion blogger.

I'm averaging around 8000 steps a day when I'm at work. Who said us barbers just stand behind a chair all day?!

23 playlists created for use in the stores since I began. Music is a key component to the vibes here at Murdock London!