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    • Made by expert barbers, from the initial concept to the final product.

      Compared to other salt sprays, Murdock Sea Salt Spray provides less sticky grit to play with and a superior zesty fragrance. Boosting texture and volume to new levels on wet or dry hair, Sea Salt Spray helps men to easily craft desired, creative styles. A great base for all hair styles and a fine hair must-have.

  1. Beard Oil

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  2. Blake Horn Beard Brush

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In true traditional, London barber shop style; Murdock London take looking good very seriously. We understand that, contrary to popular opinion, men enjoy spending just as much time and effort on their appearance as women do. Whatever your individual style might be, we believe you should celebrate it – which is why we stock a huge range of products that cover everything from full beards to clean shaves, and all the looks in between.

Our famous grooming sets cover every aspect of men’s skincare and men’s hair care products; from cut throat razors to beard oil, and beard shampoo to moustache wax. So, if you’re looking for where to buy men’s grooming products that will help you, or the man in your life, smell good, look good and, most importantly, feel good, look no further than Murdock London’s grooming range.