Our roster of barbers have a combined wealth of grooming experience that allows us to welcome any questions that you dapper lot may have regarding personal upkeep and maintenance.

We have recently been contacted regarding an ingrowing neck hair issue - certainly not a rare occurrence that comes as a result of incorrect shaving technique.

The concern in this instance is as follows:

"I've got tough, wavy facial hair and no matter what I try when shaving I get lots of ingrowing hairs on my neck. The hair grows sideways and I've tried everything, any tips?" 

Thorough preparation is key to a successful shave. Pre-Shave Oil prepares your skin to face a razor's blade by softening the whiskers and moisturising your face. With your razor, you need to be shaving with or across the grain. If the hair grows sideways in places, you still shave 'with' it by gliding the blade parallel. Never go against the grain with a razor, as you will bleed in the short-term and cause long-term follicle damage.

If irritation after shaving persists, we advise people to come in and see our barbers in any of our branches for a personal consultation.


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