As a bearded man, there's always going to be the odd occasion when you come to appreciate having grown that glorious facial hair out more than usual. Be it an unexpected compliment from a stranger, the exciting release of new tailor-made care and styling product, or indeed when facing intense winter conditions.

We've certainly reached that time of year and so below we've highlighted some timely reasons why now, more than ever the choice to grow a beard (if you haven't already) might just be the right call - whether you're heading to the mountains for a seasonal retreat or simply battling the daily chill in the city.


1. Gain a new-found confidence


If you've spent the majority of the year considering growing a beard but felt too unsure to commit for fear of being put on the spot about a fairly obvious change in appearance, now's the time to make the jump and just go for it, putting any worries and concerns to bed in the process. It's no lie that the growth process can be testing when it wants to be, but once your beard has come into full fruition the results will speak for themselves and you can look forward to a new year looking and feeling your most dashing.


2. Embrace an extra layer of heat


Unlike an unbearable itchy scarf you can't wait to take off, a beard offers a soft, comforting and crucially warm embrace to your lower face that just won't let go - and thankfully can't unless forced with clippers. The additional sense of comfort that a beard offers is great and compliments the confidence boost that can come from growing and maintaining one to a tee. Do just make sure that it is trimmed and kept looking smart rather than getting lazy and letting it grow rogue.


3. The best a beard can be


With more tailored products available specifically for facial hair treatment than ever before, beards have never had it better - and being a bearded man in winter has never been so comfortable. Apply Beard Moisturiser pre-party to exude in fine fragrance and keep those hairs as smooth as possible to avoid any irritation and potential friction (if you play your cards right).


4. Channel your inner adventurer


You could be channeling iconic beardy British adventurers such as Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. You may instead be more of a Kurt Russell in The Thing kind of chap. Either way, beards past and present clearly mean business when it comes to being faced with expeditions, environments and frightening creatures in the snow. So whether you're exploring afar or hastily dashing to a shop two minutes before it closes, you can be sure that facial hair is helping you look a fearless man of action.


Looking for some expert tips to help get your beard growth started? Look no further than our barbers' five essential rules.