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Being able to photograph and document our travels has never been easier. A couple of taps on the Camera app and most of us would consider our efforts worthy enough for the world to see on social media.

Taking a good quality, albeit convenient photo is one thing, but putting the time in to consider the equipment we use beyond a smartphone is a simple, worthwhile task for achieving better shots. So to is putting the time in to skillfully edit the better images we get, which is frequently overlooked by those of us not concerned about venturing beyond the default filters on Instagram.

We thought it timely to ask Toby Thomas, Creative Director at Birch & principle Murdock London photographer to provide some personal tips and camera advice for capturing and editing a great photo to enviable standards:


new york travel photo

New York


"Traveling is a huge part of my job, so it's taken me a while to find a good balance of what gear to take on different trips. It's important to get this right because it sucks to be under-prepared. At the same time, the worst thing you can do is carry too much gear."


Ricoh GR camera

The Compact Point & Shoot + Wifi Memory Card


For me this is the best setup for a holiday where you're going to be doing a fair bit of walking and don't want to carry around a camera with a large lens. I’d suggest something simple like the RICOH GR, Fuji Film x100 or the Sony Next 5/7. All of which will give you a nice image and a raw file. The WiFi memory card is a nice extra that will allow you to send your images straight to your phone. Which means you can share them instantly or upload them to your blog or social media platform.


lisbon travel photo



central park new york ice

Central Park, New York



using vsco



VSCO is an app that gives you great filters and a lot of control over editing your image with a small amount of effort. For holiday snaps and day-to-day images I think it brings out the best of shots.

greenwich london

Greenwich, London


hong kong travel photo

Hong Kong 


toby lewis thomas photographer

One Lens, One Camera


If you’re looking for something with a little more quality I would recommend a Cannon 6D or Sony A7R. They are cheap for their abilities, full-framed and very light. As for the lens; if you're going to be traveling for a long time and don't want the weight of a bag filled with several of them, I'd suggest picking up a good 35mm. This will offer you a great perspective for both landscapes and portraits.


norway snow



lisbon travel photography

Lisbon, Portugal


All images © Toby Thomas. View the Birch portfolio online and follow Toby on Instagram: @tobylewisthomas.