Murdock at WinterRAID 2015

We are incredibly proud to be sponsoring international rally WinterRAID 2015. The 12th edition of the legendary winter rally in St Moritz takes place 14-17th January. St Moritz is renowned for being an epicentre for alpine glamour and activity, with WinterRAID an incredibly popular annual attraction in the mountainous region.

The classic car exhibition presents a four day tour across the Swiss mountains for fifty skilled drivers and their vintage vehicles. Wintery passes and sublime landscapes provide a demanding environment for rally driving, with spectators able to enjoy the action on the road whilst taking in the picturesque alpine views.

We will be gifting each participating driver with our Napier 1933 cologne, a fragrance inspired by the style and elegance of British motor racing heritage. The Murdock and Napier logos will also be adorning each vehicle.


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Renowned for being an epicentre for glamour and outdoor activity, St Moritz is an incredibly popular destination for alpine recreation.

The perfect location then for an international classic car rally. 


In time for the cold winter nights that a new year brings, we have released our two most recent colognes - Napier 1933 and Renshaw in candle form.

We are incredibly proud to be sponsoring WinterRAID 2015. The 12th edition of the legendary winter rally in St Moritz.

Classic cars, mountain air and some après-rally in the most stylish town in the alps. Now that sounds like a way to banish the January blues to us.