Beard Moisturiser vs Beard Oil

Beard Moisturiser vs Beard Oil

Bearded gentlemen will know that with growing facial hair comes the responsibility of maintaining it. Aside from seeing your barber for regular trims, you should also consider which products to use at home in order to keep your beard looking and feeling as fresh and nurtured as possible. Beard Oil has been the recognised go-to product for a long time. With alternative gels and the game-changing introduction of our GQ award-winning Beard Moisturiser however, it is understandable why many newly-bearded men might be unsure about which care product to choose. Many gents opt for an oil in order to nourish brittle and dry hair, softening and strengthening the beard. What you should bare in mind however is that if your beard has grown anywhere between stubble and a medium length, oils can leave your skin looking overly shiny. When oil coats the hair it can remain on the surface, not fully absorbing. This is why you might spot a slightly glistening beard every now and then about town. Sporting this look is purely down to personal choice - just be sure to go easy on the amount you are applying if you feel that oil will be best for you. Our Beard Moisturiser is different in the way that it still contains a nourishing formula, but is instead mixed with a cream base. It is specifically designed to penetrate and absorb into facial hairs rather than coating them. This helps soften them and any residue can be massaged beneficially into the skin without it being left feeling oily. Rather than committing to just the one beard product, an alternative idea that many of our bearded clients are picking up is to actually use a combination of both Beard Oil and Moisturiser. By applying Oil at night and Moisturiser in the day, you can redeem the benefits of both nurturing products. With oil coating your hair at night, you can also feel less conscious about sporting a shiny surface, whereas the daily application of moisturiser will leave your hair appearing suitably natural and smooth. Your beard can only benefit from this constant cycle of care! Be sure to pay our barbers a visit any time for a personal consultation on the best way to treat your beard.
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