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The best products to use for your hairstyle.

FIND YOUR WAY Finding the correct styling product for your hairstyle can be a long and daunting road so we've taken t...


The Definitive Guide to Sea Salt Styling Products

Sea Salt has long been a mainstay in our men's grooming regime but while it has been whole heartedly accepted by the ...


Veganuary, Mens Vegan Skincare & Beyond.

In this fast paced, ever changing world it's often difficult to decipher between what's staying and what's going, mu...


January Blues? The ultimate men's skincare guide.

After a month of presumed indulgence & idleness it's safe to assume that our body's best interests may have taken...

Beard & Moustache

How to Style Our World Cup Grooming Heroes

Who'd have thought we'd be here; winter, December, writing about World Cup football. Confused we are, complaining we ...


Murdock London Gift Guide For Men 2022

It's the time of year again, yes indeed! As Slade will holler for the next few weeks: "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" The tradition...


How To Apply Cologne

Your cologne should be as individual as you are. It should always suit your personality and character and be a fragra...


The Murdock Fragrance Shopping Guide

Our barbers firmly believe that a man’s signature scent should stand out on its own and represents his personality an...


How do I use a Pomade?

John Travolta in Grease. Alex Turner in the rockabilly renaissance days. Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders and the infa...


Barbers’ Self-Care Debrief Paul: Murdock Barbershop Experience

Remember how great you felt after that last haircut? A trip to the barbershop can mean more to your wellbeing than yo...


Barbers’ Self-Care Debrief Miles & Joe: Stretch Inc.

Stretch Inc. are experts in assisted-stretching, mobility and flexibility training. There are so many benefits to gai...


Barbers’ Self-Care Debrief Franky: Yoga

Yoga Rise have studios across London but also offer remote classes to follow on-demand in the comfort of your own ho...
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