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The Murdock Experience

Soho has always fizzled with a unique spirit. A place where many great British men have discovered their unique style. From Carnaby Street in the swinging sixties to the fashion boutiques of the avant-garde eighties, and now our Brewer Street barber shop in Soho, Mayfair. We've created a space for gentlemen that encapsulates everything we think makes the perfect grooming destination. A place for men to shape their style, find their fragrance and relax away from the hustle with a beer or whiskey.
Every haircut, every shave, every beard trim has the same result: Confidence. When our clients walk out of the door looking sharp, we know we've done our job and you're ready to conquer the day. Enjoy a complimentary choice of refreshments during your visit including tea, coffee, beer, Harris Gin and Glenfarclas Whiskey.
There Is No BarberShop Without Clients
In a city with so many different lifestyles, we cater for men who want a great experience as well as quality service. This is a place for the men of London to escape their hectic schedule, have a laugh and enjoy a sip of whiskey.
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