How To Style Long Hair

How To Style Long Hair

You’ve long-admired Andrea Pirlo and envied what Kurt Cobain had for as long as you can remember. You’re in the familiar position of wondering how to get the most out of your long hair. Fear not, as Murdock Long Hair Master (Shoreditch Senior Barber) Aaron Wright is here to help with a guide on this year’s longer hairstyle trends. Wherever your inspiration comes from, please know now that growing long hair is no easy task. It is a process that requires patience and knowledge to succeed. It’s taken me two of my four years as a Murdock Barber to grow my hair to its current length. It’s going to be a testing journey, but ultimately a rewarding one. My trigger came from seeing too many people with the same hairstyle and wanting something different. Something a little more individualistic that better suits my style of fashion and taste in music. I also can’t deny Jared Leto didn’t have an influence…


XXL (One) Length

Up or down, the One Length will continue strongly into 2018. Not only because it takes ages for guys to grow it (such commitment will force you to stick it out), but because fashion loves long locks and I have a feeling the One Length is here to stay for a long time. Being patient enough to grow out an untamed wildness to shoulder length can offer some very free and easy benefits when it comes to styling and shaping your hair. It’s a bold move if you’re used to sporting shorter styles, but it can dip its toe into many subcultures with ease. It’s no secret that the growing phase can become particularly testing. Try for example a middle parting to help add a level of neatness. Celeb reference - Jared Leto


Oh yes oh yes. We’re not quite talking ‘The Rachel’ here though, we have the Body Coach and the King of the North to thank for this modern take. Like most hair trends these days, they don’t quite represent the Bangs of the 90s, but they are certainly back in their very own way.


Taking inspiration from 70s rock stars through to 90s grunge icons, this is a more durable style than you might expect. It can be worn relaxed and messy as easily as with a sharper, neater finish. This is a great style for guys who have maybe grown their hair out over the last year and find themselves a little stuck on definition. A little work can offer new-found levels of creativity and texture. Celeb reference – Mick Jagger

To man bun or not man bun…

While peak man bun appears to have passed, the arguments for and against their relevance remain. The key argument for a man bun from experience is that they can be a very practical option for easy-styling before you reach your target length during the growth process. They are also very helpful on those late-running mornings.

Aaron's long hair dos and don’ts…

Don’t: Over-process it

Blow drying or straightening hair too much can cause damage and result in breakage. Avoid using heat when possible.

Don’t: Break it

Whether you’re playing sport or running late to work, tying hair up too tight can cause breakage. So too can wrapping it tightly in a heavy bath towel – those strands are fragile!

Don’t: Rely on your old products

That slick pomade isn’t going to do you any favours now. Unless you want your hair to carry a gloopy bulk and appear unnaturally dull, keep the product use nice and light for that perfect natural finish. Speaking of which…

Do: Use the right products

Sea Salt Spray can add hold without weighing the hair down too much. It also helps make fine hair appear thicker. Hair play is good when growing hair out to control frizzing, sweeping it back as it gives a light hold and some definition. When grown out, using hair creams or leave-in conditioners work best, you don't want to over-burden the hair with products. Find the right one for your hair style and stick to it.

Do: Condition, condition, condition

The longer hair gets, the more susceptible it is to look limp and lifeless, so Shampoo and Conditioner should not be avoided! Regular application of Conditioner will help keep everything healthy and detangled. In summer especially, always use a conditioner after shampooing to avoid your hair becoming brittle, it will protect against UV damage and help retain the moisture content in the sun.

Oh, and Do: Make sure you still see your barber regularly

As counter intuitive as it may seem, long hair can take more input from a barber to keep it looking great. We’re not just here to hack it off when you get bored!

Inspired to grow your hair out? Read our ultimate guide to Growing Long Hair to begin your journey >

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