How To Trim A Beard

How To Trim A Beard

Congratulations reader. There comes a time for most men to decide it’s time to grow and maintain a beard.

At this stage, you’ve come to us for help and for this, we applaud you. Facial hair requires special care and nobody knows how to approach beards better than the Murdock Barbers. So, follow the supporting expert steps below to ensure your beard and moustache reach their full, handsome potential.

Step 1 – Grow Your Beard

An important starting point for any man looking to have a well-groomed beard and moustache is patience. Let your facial hair grow to trimming length. You can’t be combing through stubble. Wait for the natural surface from which you will craft great things.

Step 2 – Brush Through

When your beard begins to grow, use a Beard Brush to brush through that flowing hair from top to bottom. This will help keep your beard in shape and also remove any knots to leave it feeling nice and smooth. Brush hair out from under your jaw so that any longer strands are visible and rogue, straggly hairs are exposed for trimming. If your hairs are particularly long and coarse, use Beard Shampoo and Beard Conditioner to cleanse, soften and untangle.

Step 3 - Trim It

Scissors or Clippers?

Whether you trim your beard with scissors or clippers is entirely down to personal preference. Our barbers generally recommend the electric approach for ease of control. Clippers also help to better create overall refinement and shape to an overgrowing beard. You can ultimately achieve great results using either method. For straggly hairs and edges for example, scissors will be the better tool as there’s greater margin for error. If you make a mistake, you can recover. You’ve at least not accidentally hacked away a huge chunk of your hard-earned beard.

Using Clippers

Decide and create your beard’s guideline using a vertical line coming down from the edge of your sideburns, then a horizontal line across from your sideburns to the tip of your moustache. Trim upwards in light strokes to avoid mishaps and use dabs with the clippers to establish straight edges. Check the symmetry of both sides in the mirror by sliding your fingers against your beard line, pointing away from your mouth. To trim your neckline, find your natural curved line which is usually a finger’s width above your Adam’s Apple. Work your clippers from the middle out to help keep symmetry and shape. To trim your moustache, first comb each side away from the centre, then use your beard trimmer sideways to follow the curve of your lip.


Keep your skin taut at all times when using clippers for effective trimming.

Using Scissors

Point your beard scissors vertically to trim hair from the corners of your lip, leaving a clean, heavy layer on top. Then use a Beard & Moustache Comb with scissors to cut high off the lip – angling the comb in the same direction as your lips. Simply trim away any wild strands from your cheeks and jaw.


Use a flannel to wipe away cut whisker ends and brush through again with a Beard Brush to re-establish your shape.

Step 4 – Moisturise

Squeeze a small amount of Beard Moisturiser into your palms, rub your hands together and then run through your beard from top to bottom, smoothing into shape. This will reduce itchiness and brittle hairs by moisturising your skin and softening facial hair. It also helps to control any flyaway strands. This will soon become your daily go-to product for better beard care. Alternatively, if you prefer a shiny effect, use Beard Oil to soften and strengthen your beard. We can’t promise miracles, but Beard Oil has been known to help stimulate growth.

Step 5 - Comb, Finish and Style your ‘Tache

Warm Moustache Wax in between your fingers and thumbs. Apply the wax from the centre outwards and comb through with a Moustache Comb. Part in the middle and then pinch the ends, twizzle and twirl for the handlebar look. Undercutting a little will help free your moustache up from your face.


Take a step back and admire your fine work in the mirror. Your beard should now look healthier and feel more comfortable for you and anyone who comes near it.

The Murdock Man's Recommended Beard Care Inventory

Beard Shampoo

Beard Conditioner

Beard Brush

Beard Moisturiser

Beard Oil

Beard & Moustache Comb

Moustache Wax

Beard Clippers

Beard Scissors


For more expert grooming advice from our barbers, browse the rest of the blog, or pay one of our barbershops across London a visit.

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