How To Use Beard Oil

How To Use Beard Oil

Ah the age-old question of beard oil – do you really need it? What does it actually do? Does it work? At Murdock London, we’re firm believers that a good beard oil really can transform a dull, dry and brittle beard into nourished facial hair that continues to look its best. Whether you’re struggling to grow a substantial beard, have patchy growth on your chin or are sick of the dreaded beard itch, using beard oil with good quality ingredients, applied as part of your grooming routine, can be a godsend. This beard oil guide will show to keep your beard looking sharp, but feeling soft, by using beard oil.


When applying beard oil, the best time to do it is when you have just come out the bath or shower and your beard hairs are at their cleanest and softest. They will most easily absorb the oils when in this condition. This being said though, ensure that your beard has dried completely before applying any oil, as any water can prevent the oil from being absorbed and working its magic!

The application

Put 2-3 drops of beard oil into the palm of your hands and massage deeply into your facial hair, being sure to reach the sensitive skin underneath. Once the oil has been distributed evenly throughout, brush your palms over the sides of your beard to smooth the hairs. Then, take your favourite beard comb and set the hairs in place by lightly brushing over.

Rinse and repeat

If you’re wondering when to apply beard oil, then the answer will vary, depending on the season, climate and a whole host of other factors. To start with, try an every-other-day application and adjust as your beard adapts. If your beard starts to feel greasy, then you are probably using it too frequently, but if you’re suffering with skin irritation or your beard hairs remain dry with regular breakage, you should think about starting to use it more often. Beard oil can be used simply as part of your grooming routine and should be applied once the beard has been shampooed and conditioned for the best results.

Why should I use beard oil?

According to Men’s Health, almost 50% of men are sporting some form of beard today, which is a lot of facial hair. As a result of this, grooming our facial hair is becoming just as important as taking care of the hair on our heads. However, constant grooming, shaving and trimming can not only cause damage to the hair itself but also to the skin underneath, which is why using a beard oil is essential in providing some much needed moisturisation. Using a beard oil can prevent the infamous beard itch (a skin irritation that occurs when beard hairs are growing) as well as dry, flaky skin which can gather around your chin (not a great look). A good beard oil will not only be enriched with vitamins, but will also come in a non-greasy formula so that your beard will have a sleek finish, but without the greasy feel.

Is applying beard oil good for hair growth?

Yes, using beard oil is also good for hair growth as it helps to minimise hair breakage and beard itch and therefore allows the hairs to grow. If you are trying to grow a longer beard, using a beard oil to keep the existing beard hairs in their best condition is always important. With just 2-3 drops needed, a bottle of beard oil can last a significantly long time, therefore making it a worthwhile purchase, no matter how long you keep your facial hair. Avoid that dry and wiry look and feel that everyone hates, with just a few small drops of beard oil. You can thank us later.
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