Shelby and Solomons – What Happened Next?

Shelby and Solomons – What Happened Next?

With the door of Peaky Blinders season five well and truly closed, it has - as expected - left us well and truly with more questions than answers.

(*safe to say, SPOILERS ahead*)

From Tommy Shelby’s terrifying hallucinations and flashbacks to the resurrection of Alfie Solomons, and that cliffhanger ending, we've got some wild Peaky Blinders fan theories flying about the Murdock barbershops when it comes to everyone’s two favourite characters. Here’s some of our favourites:

Alfie Solomons

After meeting with Tommy’s bullet in season four, many had given up on the hope that Alfie Solomons might make a much-desired return to the show. However, although a little worse for wear (a bullet to the head and a terminal cancer diagnosis will do that to you) we have discovered he’s very much alive. And fans are going wild. Some theories include...

Alfie Solomons is set to betray Tommy in season 6 (again)

This is unsurprising, considering he’s done it in pretty much every season up to now, but fans are sure Solomons has something pretty nasty up his sleeve for Tommy. Whilst Tommy and Alfie did appear to feebly bury the hatchet during their Margate rendez-vous, let’s not forget the betrayals of Solomons so far; conspiring with Sabini and even trying to have Arthur killed, to name but a few. Fans are sure we’ve seen nothing yet when it comes to what Solomons is capable of.

His dream was more than just a dream

"I had a recurring dream, I saw you in a field with a big black horse and you said goodbye and then bang."

At the end of Tommy and Alfie’s somewhat frosty reunion, Solomons recalls the dream he’s been having about Tommy which is pretty ominous to say the least. What does he have planned? SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL US!

Tommy Shelby

It’s safe to say that series five was a difficult one for the Peaky Blinders frontman, as alongside the notorious crash of Wall Street, his run-ins with Oswald Mosley, the rise of the Billy Boys and an attempt at being overthrown by his own brother, Tommy is still grieving the death of Grace. His never-ending grief and experiences in the First World War are characterised in the form of PTSD and hallucinations which, seemingly so, get the better of him as the series comes to an end. Naturally, this traumatic ending has left fans wondering what’s in store for season six…

Tommy is dead

With season five ending with Shelby pointing a gun to his own temple and a vision of his dead wife encouraging him to pull the trigger, it isn’t outrageous to suggest that Tommy doesn’t make it to see the start of the Second World War (which will be featured in the last series of the show). However, whilst some are convinced he’s been written off in favour of his brother Michael, we can’t imagine the show without Cillian Murphy. Other theories related to the finale are that Tommy survives into the last two series but he won’t be the character we all know – instead he will be struggling greatly with his mental health and live through the next series with a significantly damaged mental capacity.

Oswald and Gina want to bring down Tommy

According to director Anthony Byrne, there were scenes deleted from the series 5 finale for fear they gave too much away about what's coming next. Mainly, these were scenes that hinted at Oswald’s relationships with more characters than we first thought. Particular his connection to Gina Gray. With hints throughout series five that these two could have something up their sleeves, and Gina’s hatred of Tommy being nothing short of apparent throughout, some believe they have BIG plans to take down an already fragile Shelby. Watch this space.

Tommy kills his brother Finn

Fans are led to believe that Finn innocently let slip Tommy’s plan to assassinate Oswald to Billy Grade, which then resulted in Tommy’s plans being well and truly scuppered. With so much at stake and Tommy’s plan failing spectacularly, will Finn pay for what he did? He was warned, after all.

Michael vs Tommy

The beginning of the series five finale sees Michael proposing to take over the Peaky Blinders business and we think that, with the seed being well and truly planted, series six will see Tommy and Michael as full-blown enemies, with Polly’s second sight already warning that one of them will die, but which one, she "cannot tell". Like Polly, fans predict a Shelby war ahead. Only time will tell…

Have we missed any other Peaky Blinders theories? Let us know by tweeting us @Murdocklondon

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