The Best Beard Clippers

The Best Beard Clippers

We're thrilled to have just launched our new video series in collaboration with WAHL. Our short, sharp How-To guides have been created to showcase our barbers' expert grooming tips and tricks for taking on a beard at home (or for use as reference on your next visit to the barbershop). Our Barbers craft beard fades and refine beards of all shapes and sizes using WAHL equipment on a daily basis. With this in mind we asked our teams to tell us a bit more about why they regard WAHL so highly, and also what their go-to clipper choices would be for personal use. Below they share their recommendations on how get the best out of a beard whether cutting in a barbershop, or in front of the mirror at home... Ben H: WAHL Super Taper WAHL's Super Tapers are the best option for a trusty pair of clippers. They are industry standard clippers and the brand's number one selling clipper model for good reason. Durable and long lasting, they can endure being constantly on the go throughout the working day and go long into a DIY session at home in the evening. The thumb adjustable taper lever allows for a greater variation in cutting lengths (approx 1 - 3.5mm). Any introductory barbering courses will ask you to have these and they are undoubtedly the most common clippers used by professional hairstylists. More extravagant clippers are also just not necessary for everyday beard trimming. Super Tapers have sufficient strength to tackle any beard. As a final selling point to any barbers starting out - they also come in a corded or cordless model - the corded version is incredibly useful to have at your station so you're never caught out of power. Ben V: Aqua Blade In the shop I use a variety of clippers designed for professional barbering work. They each factor in the power needed for continuous daily use and also feature technical guards and tapering arms which help achieve cleaner fades. For DIY beard care at home I would highly recommend checking out WAHL's recently released new trimmer called the Aqua Blade. It cuts super close to professional standards and is versatile for trimming, shaving and refining edges - so ideal for just about any man. It causes minimal irritation in the process compared to using a multi-bladed razor and it also comes with 12 guide combs for as varied support as anyone with facial hair could possibly need - whether you're maintaining light stubble or grooming a lumberjack-worthy beard.

Check out our brand new videos made in collaboration with WAHL

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