Our men’s beard & moustache grooming range consists of the essential products to help you grow a beard, shape beard styles and maintain a moustache at home. Our GQ Award-winning Beard Moisturiser minimises skin irritation and combats brittle hair while our Beard Oil conditions, strengthens and stimulates your beard.

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  1. Murdock London Beard Oil

    Smooths, softens and strengthens the beard with jojoba and organic argan oils. (50ml)

    Beard Oil
  2. Murdock London Horn Beard Brush

    A luxury, hand cut grooming tool to keep your beard in shape

  3. Murdock Beard Moisturiser

    Winner of Best New Beard Care at the GQ Grooming Awards 2015. (150ml)

    Beard Moisturiser
  4. Luxury Beard Trim Gift Certificate

    Expert crafting of a gentleman's much adored beard, achieving the perfect style for his face

  5. murdock london beard box

    The complete box for maintaining and styling your beard

  6. murdock london beard shampoo

    Our pH-balanced formula cleanses facial hair of pollutants while remaining gentle on the face. (250ml)

    Beard Shampoo
  7. Murdock London Beard Conditioner

    Specially formulated to soften both the facial hair and the skin underneath. (250ml)

    Beard Conditioner
  8. Murdock London Beard Regime

    The Beard Regime by Murdock provides a great introduction to our specialist facial hair care products, helping you stay clean bearded on a daily basis

  9. Murdock London Moustache Wax

    Apply twist and twizzle to add hold and style to your moustache. (10ml)

  10. murdock london barbers beard trim gift certificate

    A quick trim and condition for the maintained beard

  11. The Handsome Beard Box

    The ultimate gift set for the bearded gentleman

  12. Kent Slim Jim Comb

    Your emergency grooming tool, specially designed to fit inside a small pocket

    Slim Jim Comb
  13. murdock london moustache comb

    This specialist comb is perfect for grooming, maintaining and trimming moustache hair

  14. Murdock London Beard Brush

    The ideal grooming tool to keep your beard in shape

    Beard Brush
  15. Beard Trim Gift Certificate

    A dry beard re-shape with electric clippers and scissors

  16. Horn Moustache & Beard Comb

    An elegant and sophisticated moustache comb, hand made from a single piece of horn

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