Andre Poyot

Senior Barber

Hi, I’m Andre and I’m a barber here at Murdock. Im an East Londoner with a Spanish mother and French father with a love for languages, music, film, books and football (especially The Arsenal).



Before becoming a barber I was working with children with learning difficulties in a little school in Essex. But I always knew that I had a creative side to me and I wanted to explore that further. I started my barbering career with the hopes of combining my two passions, cutting hair and travelling the world as I am always excited to learn about different cultures! I went on to fall in love with the craft and the traditions surrounding barbering.

My favourite hairstyles are the classics with a modern twist but also love learning new trends and seeing what hairstyle ideas we can conjure up together.

I’ve found a career in which I am truly passionate about and can’t wait to turn up to work every morning and meet new faces and hear all your stories!

Come by and say hello and we can have a chat and put the world to rights, or if you prefer sit back, relax and forget the world altogether.
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