Bill Coles

Store Manager


A client's smile at the end of a service makes every haircut feel huge to me!


Hi guys, my names Bill! I’ve been part of the hair industry for around 6/7 years now and 2 of which have been spent at Murdock. Hair was never something I envisioned myself doing, but do I regret it? Absolutely not. I feel very passionate about my job and I love being able to share that passion with not only my clients but the friends I work with.  I feel incredibly privileged to be doing a job I love considering I started out in this wonderful trade when I was 15 years old. I haven’t looked back since, this really is what I was made for. The thing I find most rewarding is being able to have someone sit in my chair and have the trust and willingness for me to transform their appearance. A client's smile at the end of a service makes every haircut feel huge to me! I love my sports, literally love them! We can talk football, rugby, golf, NFL, boxing… maybe not cricket... that’s not one I’ve learned to love so much. If you support Spurs or Charlton I will welcome you with open arms. On the contrary if you are a Arsenal or Millwall fan... I may not be so compassionate. But if sports don’t interest you, let’s talk movies! If you want to talk horror or action I’m your man, although I must say I will be your guru when it comes to Marvel and Star Wars… yes I know what you are thinking, I’m a massive geek! Not as big of one as Brad… but who ever is aye.  I won’t give to much more away, you want to leave some to the imagination! But please do pop in and a grab seat with me. Enjoy a cold beer and let’s make this a haircut to remember.

Fun facts

I’m also big on travelling, many destinations I’ve been to cover America, Spain and Cyprus. I’ve never been able to dedicate myself to a full year of travelling, but one day I will! If you want to come in and talk about comic books, then please do! Some call me childish but I’d rather class myself as a big old MARVEL geek. Whether it’s how The Avengers won the Battle Of New York or how Spider-Man got his powers… I will be able to provide the most detailed of descriptions. And of course, if I’m wrong (which I won’t be) then please educate me! Now food… I love my food; any cuisine will do. I’m always up for trying new things, so if you have a restaurant in mind, let me know and I will for sure try it out. The restaurants I want to try in Covent Garden at the moment are Palm Court Brasserie, Flat Iron and The Oystermen Seafood and Bar to name a few! I look forward to hearing your recommendations!
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