Bradley Fearn

Store Manager

Hi I'm Brad

I've been a barber since starting a Barbering course in September 2017 and I've not looked back since then. Qualifying in November 2017 starting my first barber job in the shop I was getting my own hair cut in then moving to Murdock the following August in 2018 after it Almost came home (⚽️).


I started at Murdock in Monmouth Street, then moved to the old King Street store where we had an ELITE team of Me and Bill. Moving from King Street to Soho where I was for over 3 years and made many friends in colleagues and clients. But sadly, for them I made a big money transfer to Shoreditch to become the Store Manager. Ive now been with Murdock 5 years, and we have come together a long way since the first day and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Fun facts

Come sit in my chair if you want to be involved in crucial market research where we can debate incredible topics such as perfect meal deal, best Christmas movie, elite car journey snacks. But if you really want to get into heated debate, I am an Arsenal fan so we can chat football and you can be wrong. We can chat all things Nerd with superheroes, anime, video games and even D&D (yeah, I’m a walking contradiction Football and D&D). I can also hold my own in a convo about fitness over the last few years gym has become life with weight loss and gains I’m Murdocks own Barbering CBUM (IFYKYK) Everyone’s stories are different and that makes no two days ever the same and that’s why I love my Job."
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