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Denise Maragkos

Senior Barber

In 2019 I made my dream come true, and moved to London (the capital of barbering!).


Hello, my name is Denise! I’ve been working in the hair industry more than ten years. I began my career as a session stylist in the fashion industry as well as TV and commercials. Despite that fact, cutting hair has always been my passion! In 2016, I decided to pursue this interest, and came to UK to study barbering. I got my first job in a luxury barbershop in Athens, my home city. In 2019 I decided to further develop my career by moving to London, the capital of barbering!

Fun facts

I knew about Murdock since I began barbering in Athens because the barbershop I was working at stocked most of the retail products.

I like to use a fan to refresh my clients' faces after a wetshave.
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