Miles Wood-Smith

Master Barber


I feel like I've got the best job in the world - I'm cheating at life. I get to come into a beautiful shop, do something I love and catch up with people that have become close mates all day.


Hi, I'm Miles, I've always been based in one of my favourite areas of London, Covent Garden. I grew up just outside London but was always hanging out in Camden and the west end.

I was always interested in people when I was a kid, I loved meeting people and getting to know their stories. When I was younger I knew I wanted to be in a job that would allow me to get paid to hang out with people, after a few attempts at finding one (don't ask) I became a barber. I love coming to work knowing I get to chat to clients that have become friends, and even try and make some new ones. I feel like I'm cheating at life, I get paid to do something I love and have even got the opportunity to travel the world.

In terms of cutting hair, I was always interested in hair styles. I've gone through some absolutely shocking haircuts in my life! I think looking back and laughing at your old styles is a great thing, it's all part of your journey to the perfect cut. I love doing traditional haircuts with a modern twist, but truthfully, I believe the best haircut is the one your client wants. If a simple short back and sides will make you feel good and confident in yourself, then that's what we'll do while we laugh and get drunk (just you, don't worry).
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