Our inspired collection of British colognes spans the exotic spice notes of Black Tea through to the fresh, citrus scent of Avalon. Each reflecting the character of the modern man.

Inspired by beautiful locations from across the globe, our cologne collection has been carefully sourced and consists of natural and raw ingredients to create a set of British men’s fragrances. From exotic spice notes of Black Tea through to our fresh citrus Avalon, each cologne truly reflects the character of the modern gentleman, his taste, style, travels and cultural pursuits. A cologne can give you confidence, style and sophistication. A smell can trigger fond memories and can say a lot about your character. Choose from our scents featuring spice, leather and oakmoss. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself, find your signature fragrance online.

If you’re new to Murdock cologne, or you’re often travelling, why not try our mini Murdock Cologne Collection. An introduction to our most popular men’s fragrances, enjoy the intricate mix of Patchouli with Jasmin, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Indonesian Patchouli or opt for a fresh citrus aroma with our Avalon cologne with Sicilian Bergamot, Orange and Calabrian Lemon, Neroli and Musk. These British colognes are perfectly sized to pop into a bag or jacket pocket and use on the go.

Our online collection has been designed with the modern man in mind, who wants a natural, traditional and strong scent to reflect his style and lifestyle. Apply cologne to your neck, inner elbow and wrist, so that your body heat will warm the fragrance and help it to remain on your skin.