How To Wedding: 5 Grooming Tips

How To Wedding: 5 Grooming Tips

Originally featured in The Mr Porter Post, Alex Glover, Murdock Master Barber gives us his top grooming tips for any gentlemen who will be entering the historic institution of holy matrimony... "It's generally expected of a Groom to take his wedding preparations in his stride. No tantrums when your Best Man won't reveal the stag do details or when the mother-in-law insists she wants seat covers and you just want the bows! Jokes aside, you're preparing for the event of your lifetime. This is your best opportunity to present yourself as the discerning, debonair gentleman that you really are..."

1.The Style

Keep it classic. You’ll want to be able to prominently display your wedding photos for the rest of your life - well, hopefully. So avoid any twee, insincere trends that will sully future reminiscing about the special day (this tip can actually extend way beyond considering just your hairstyle). Think classic Hollywood icons like Cary Grant - a neat side parting will always look good and stand the test of time.

2.The Haircut Timing

Get your haircut one week before the big day. In general, you can always tell the sign of a good haircut a week after you’ve been to the barbers. By then it’s had time to settle yet still retains its neatness and shape.

3.The Skin

Treat yourself to a facial one week before. It’s not all about hair, so don’t forget your skin during this crucial visit to the barbers. For what can be a nervous time and thus cause problems for the skin, prepare it in advance by enjoying a facial a week before. At the very least it will help you relax and take your mind of everything for a little while.

4.The Shave

Know when is best to time your shave. Deciding when is best to shave depends on the man, his beard and his skin. You don’t want to shave in the morning and end up with a rash at the altar, but you also don’t want to shave the night before and have 5’o’clock shadow at the reception. Talk to your barber to decide what’s best. A Luxury Wet Shave (inclusive of a facial) is the perfect service to also help relax the nerves before the big day - especially if you bring the groom party along for a group experience and enjoy a beer or two.

5.The Barber

Discuss everything with your personal grooming guru. One of the most important relationships in a man’s life (along with his soon-to-be-wife of course) should be with his barber. Every man’s hair is a little different and building a strong relationship with your barber means that they can best advise you on all of the above to ensure you look your handsome best to wed.
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