Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Having already debunked some of the most common myths surrounding facial hair, we thought it wise to further explore the theory and intrigue that surrounds perhaps the most popular beard-based question of them all: How the heck do you make one grow - and fast? We live in an age of instant accessibility and constant impatience. With that in mind it almost comes as a surprise that beards are quite as popular as they are based on the fact that they require a heady amount of time to remotely achieve; let alone maintain. It will come as little shock then that the topic of hastening growth (as well as growing a beard in the first place) is surrounded by the most intrigue and demand online and indeed across barbershops around the world. As such, with this post we want to put any long-standing rumours and legends firmly to bed with five staple mantras to follow - offering true, essential guidance that will encourage that facial fuzz of yours to sprout as swiftly (and healthily) as possible.

Leave it to mother nature

The oldest tip in the book and for good reason. This also happens to be the easiest point to follow, you just require the patience to let it grow. If you've got the potential to grow a beard, it will come. Just embrace willpower and allow it to happen. Persevere through the itchy phase - there's no avoiding it we're afraid, trim it into shape or more advisably have a barber do it for you. We recommend starting with a Quick Trim and Condition and the chance to garner the professional advice that comes with a signature Murdock service. By the time a few months have passed, you'll be too busy admiring the final result than dwelling on any suffering endured getting there.

Get more sleep

Another episode on Netflix? Another late one at the office? It's all about willpower and state of mind gentlemen. That's the underlying theme of anyone's bearded success. Doesn't your boss know you've got a healthy beard to grow on top of everything else in life? Catching a few more zzz's each night will ultimately go a long way in reducing stress levels and nurturing any damaged skin which will, according to some, naturally encourage that fuzz to grow. It will also help you endure those morning meetings, just a bonus tip.

Don't shave

Alright, it sounds silly and rather obvious but there's enough discussion and mythology about the benefits of frequently shaving to convince any man that such an act is a good idea to encourage rapid facial hair growth. In a nutshell, don't fall for it. Leave anything with a sharp edge well alone from your face until that thing has well and truly sprouted on its own accord. A growing period of 4-6 weeks can usually offer an indicator of realistically attainable shapes and styles.

Fix your diet

While we do advise being cautious looking into 'scientific studies' regarding facial hair topics, there's no doubting that a better body on the inside leads to a better body on the outside. Not just a formula to bear in mind for your physique, filling up regularly on a healthier (albeit still balanced) serving of protein - fresh seafood, lean meat, rice, eggs etc. will encourage testosterone levels to increase and so too apparently stimulate facial hair. While we would certainly also encourage a sampling of yoga to help reduce stress levels, do also every now and then consider a slightly more intensive workout to give those testosterone levels a welcome boost of encouragement.

Apply the right products

While we can't offer the bearded equivalent of Miracle Grow (and highly advise you avoid anybody who does), we can provide for you a specialist daily beard treatment regime to keep your facial hair in prime condition courtesy of pH-balanced ingredients tailored to facial hair as opposed to harsh, damaging chemicals intended for the hair on top of your head that will offer little more than dry, crisp and brittle results.

Look after your skin underneath

As advised by Murdock Covent Garden's Dan Glass, exfoliating your face sparingly can contribute to clearing dead skin cells from your facial hair follicles and better stimulate beard growth. You'll also be doing your natural complexion the world of good in the process. Have some tips of your own for encouraging beard growth? Do share them with us on Twitter @murdocklondon Book Appointment New Murdock London beard products
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