Four Products Every Beard Needs

Four Products Every Beard Needs

In an ideal world, all you would have to do to maintain a great beard would be to stop shaving. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – unless you’re planning to sport the dishevelled look! No, growing a great beard requires patience, maintenance and a dash of TLC. So, to make the quest for perfect facial hair a little easier, our expert barbers have put together the top 4 products every man with a beard needs:

50ml bottle BEARD OIL angle

Beard Oil

Designed to mimic the natural oils of your skin, Beard Oil helps to hydrate the skin under your beard that often becomes dry, itchy and flaky; helping to prevent the dreaded ‘beardruff’.

Our luxurious beard oil is a blend of 100% nutritious natural oils that will penetrate the hairs to keep them smooth and shiny, as well as keeping the skin underneath soft and supple.

Additionally, in colder weather, your beard can often become dry and brittle, but our Beard Oil targets hair directly and helps prevent it becoming dry and wispy.

Wooden Brush

Beard Brush

Without proper maintenance beards are typically curly, this is because your hair naturally curls back towards your face as the hair grows outward. Regularly brushing not only keeps your beard soft and smooth, but it can also help to loosen that annoying curl and train the hair to grow in the right direction. Our Beard Brush has been crafted from durable bristles to keep the hair in check and shape your style.

Regular brushing with our beard brush can also help to naturally clean your beard, as the bristles separate each hair, helping to remove dust, dirt and other unsightly debris.

250ml bottle BEARD SHAMPOO angled

Beard Shampoo

Unfortunately, brushing alone won’t keep your beard beautiful, and like any other hair on your body, your beard will need to be washed regularly. Normal shampoo, however, can strip beard hair of its natural oils and sulphates, which can irritate the skin underneath and cause itchiness and nasty flakes.

Our pH balanced, sulphate-free Beard Shampoo thoroughly cleanses without stripping hair follicles or skin and is loaded with actives to help recover from city living.

150ml bottle BEARD MOISTURISER angled

Beard Moisturiser

Last, but certainly not least is one of our best-selling products; Beard Moisturiser. This all-in-one product is quickly absorbed and conditions both the facial hair and the skin underneath, transforming dry, brittle hairs into a healthy and slick beard that will be the envy of your friends.

If you’re growing a beard and you’re not too sure where to start, check out our grooming tips and tricks for men, and get insights from our expert barbers to master your grooming upkeep. You can also stop by any of our barbershops for a consultation and treatment.

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