Bank Holiday Weekend Survival Guide

Bank Holiday Weekend Survival Guide

The long Easter weekend is just around the corner, and whether you’ve planned to visit relatives, a cool city break with your better half, or a lazy weekend in the garden to kick BBQ season off in style, here are our top tips to make sure your weekend runs smoothly whatever your plans... Travel Packing-min

Visiting the in-laws

Spending the long weekend with your in-laws can be a great opportunity to bond as a family, but it can also be a minefield, especially if it’s a relatively new relationship. So, to guarantee that you make a sparkling first impression, here’s what you need to pack: Extra t-shirts: Because, with the best will in the world, those nervous wine-spills at dinner are inevitable! Black Tea Cologne: There’s a reason this fragrance is our best seller, and you want those initial ‘welcome to the family’ hugs to smell great and leave a lasting impression, don’t you? Gifts: We’re not suggesting you bribe your future father-in-law into liking you, but turning up with an early Father’s Day gift can’t hurt your chances. Our ‘How To Beard’ Master Kit is bound to earn you some brownie points. shutterstock_143885179-min

Travelling abroad

City Breaks are synonymous with three things; sightseeing, sweet treats and selfies. So, to make sure your photo-game is strong this Easter weekend, don’t forget these essentials: Sea Salt Spray: If you’re headed to warmer temperatures, a quick spritz of sea salt spray will inject instant volume and texture into your hair, and help to combat the dreaded flat-hair syndrome that comes with enjoying the heat. Beard Oil: A few drops of Beard Oil will help to keep your hair from becoming dry and wispy in the heat, and your skin underneath from flaking. Your beard will look healthier and feel more comfortable for you and anyone else who comes near it. Plus, it comes in a handy, flight-friendly sized bottle. Power Bank: The last thing you want while you’re away from home, is your phone to run out of battery just as you’re about to snap a National Geographic-worthy shot. So, keep a power bank handy for those charging emergencies. ginger pig barbecue

BBQ Master

Come rain or shine the Easter bank holiday weekend is officially the start of BBQ season in the UK, and if you’re planning to showcase your skills by the fire, here’s what you’ll need: BBQ tools: If you want to dominate the coals, a fork and spatula just isn’t going to cut it. Grab some stainless-steel tongs to flip the burgers like a pro, and a BBQ fork to sear the steaks perfectly. If you want to appear to be a real BBQ master, invest in a meat thermometer and impress your guests by serving your cuts at the optimum temperature. Ice: Nobody wants a warm beer, so make sure you’ve stocked up on ice to throw into spring ciders and keep your beer-and-wine-buckets nicely chilled! Hair Care: Finally, between the smoke, the heat and the smell of burning meat, you’ll need a quality shampoo to get rid of ‘BBQ hair’ (yes, it’s a real thing!) Our Quince and Oakmoss Shampoo is sulphate-free and leaves your hair clean and healthy without drying the scalp or follicles. For more tips and tricks to looking, and feeling, good in the upcoming summer months, check out our lifestyle section of The Murdock Man Journal, and get insights from our expert barbers to master your grooming upkeep.
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