Get The Hair Of Tommy Shelby

Get The Hair Of Tommy Shelby

The iconic Peaky Blinders look - the Thomas Shelby haircut - in barbering terms is defined as a harsh undercut with a crop of textured hair left on top.

To recreate the style made famous by Cillian Murphy, ask your barber to clipper the back and sides with a disconnected top area. It should importantly not be faded in grades, but instead cut to a harsher one grade that is taken quite high. A 1 or a 0.5 grade on the back and sides is an ideal length and keep it either squared to the head or just over the ridge to create a heavier and more distinct undercut.

The top of the hair should be cut between 2-4 inches long and is best cut with a slight graduation from crown towards the fringe. This shape presents a slight visual blend until the forward length becomes more exaggerated. Once the shape is cut in, it’s best to customise the haircut by point cutting / slide cutting through the hair to create more texture and movement.

To shape the style, our barbers recommend spraying in a healthy application of Sea Salt Spray when damp, then blow dry in on a medium heat and speed setting on your hairdryer. This will ensure the hair maintains a more tousled finish. To finish, apply a versatile hair paste such as Texture Paste with your hands to craft a pliable and easy-to-move style which can be reworked through the day. Sweep the hair forwards and sideways to create the Shelby side-fringe effect.

Title Image: © 2013 Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd. Licensed by Endemol Shine Group.
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