Shaving Cream: Tatler Beauty Award Winner

Shaving Cream: Tatler Beauty Award Winner

We're thrilled to announce that our Shaving Cream is the WINNER of a 2019 Tatler Beauty Award! Picking up the prize for 'The Shaving Cream' category, celebrity hairstylist George Northwood praises: "The indulgent souffle texture of this cream creates a luxurious cushion for razors to glide over." In order to achieve such a result, our barbers have blended Mallow, Aloe Vera and Borage to ensure a smooth, close shave is experienced with every use. The magic of our Cream also lies in its ability to keep skin moisturised instead of drying out and becoming irritated, as all-too-frequently experience by men during their daily shave. We're so proud of our unique formula being recognised to such acclaim.

Top Barbers' Tip:

Don't forget to combine your cream with a shaving brush and bowl in order to whip up the thickest possible lather. This will always better cushion your face for protection.
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