Get The Look: Anthony Joshua

Get The Look: Anthony Joshua

Famous for his suave style with a rugged swag, World Heavyweight Champion; Anthony Joshua, has recently confessed that, whilst he’s ‘new to the beard game’, he is currently swearing by Murdock London’s best-selling Beard Oil to keep his look in check. Throughout his impressive career AJ has experimented with his look. Over the years he has showcased a number of different styles; such as low and skin fades, a Mohican and even an occasional hair parting, and his developing beard is just the latest example his sought-after style evolving.

Styling Afro Hair

If you’re looking to replicate AJ’s signature hairstyle, in terms of asking your barber, he usually gets a skin fade with an open two going with the grain. This keeps the style looking sharp but keeping some length on the top means the hair will still be visible when he’s on camera or in the ring. If, like Joshua you have afro hair, finish strong with our protein-packed Quince & Oakmoss Conditioner that will leave your hair easier to style and softer to touch. Because of his signature cut, AJ can wear his hair in two different styles. The extra length allows it to be combed out giving him a natural-looking ‘fro on top or can be twisted to give a more stand-out style. Whichever look you’re going for; our high-quality Afro Comb from Kent has been crafted from a dense rubber that provides a suitable firmness with a little bit of flex. Designed with 10 prongs that span 60mm in width, this comb is perfect for styling afro hair.

Styling Afro Beards

As AJ has mentioned, he’s knew to the beard game - but he’s already realising the importance of using the right products to keep his facial hair looking, and feeling, soft and supple. If you’re planning a shorter beard like AJ himself, our luxury Beard Moisturiser can help to maintain that tidy, natural look as it will soften both the facial hair and the skin underneath. If you’re planning to let the length grow, an Afro Comb may also come in useful for your facial hair. Beards, particularly for men with afro hair, can grow to be incredibly tough - so if you happen to relax on the upkeep, it can get particularly gruelling trying to comb through one. Even if your facial hair happens to just be particularly thick, a long-toothed comb is a fantastic tool to dig deep and effectively relieve knots - particularly within the tricky area underneath your chin. Want more handsome? Sign up to the Murdock Man Journal for expert advice from our barbers. Plus receive 20% off your first purchase.
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