Hair Tins: Define Your Look

Hair Tins: Define Your Look

For our barbers there is no such thing as 'just a haircut'. You are unique and your hairstyle should reflect that. After many years of guiding men away from uninspired, ill-fitting looks, the Murdock barbers are ready to unveil the Murdock Hair Tins - our new hair styling range, created to help every man achieve his desired, defined look at home. Crafted as a direct response to the average, same-same options on the market that contain bad ingredients and somehow still manage to underperform, each Tin is capable of creating a specific style. Their clean label formulas ensure the product glides through hair with ease, providing tailored holds with natural finish (and a great smell). Technical enough for expert barbers, pliable and easy enough for you to use at home. Explore the new range below and don't forget, you can pop in to see our barbers across London for expert hair advice any time... Hair Play This reimagined Murdock classic gives a healthy sheen with a soft hold and is perfect for guys with medium to long hair whether it's loose, wavy or straight. It has a light, creamy consistency that gives hair a nice, healthy finish and allows for natural movement throughout the day. Matt Mud A firm favourite amongst the Murdock barbers and another redefined icon is our best-selling, non-shine shaping clay. It gives a dry, matte finish with a strong hold and is perfect for shorter hair and choppier styles with lots of texture. Vintage Pomade We're so excited to finally put our stamp on a Pomade. This gives a classic, ultra-slick finish with a strong hold. Unlike other Pomades, this washes out easily as it is water-soluble. Oil based Pomades offer less freedom and can be hard to clean out. We recommend using a comb when applying to achieve the most defined look. Perfect for quiffs and pompadours. Texture Paste Provides a soft hold with a textured look and low sheen. We recommend using on dry hair. Great for shorter styles such as crops but will also work on longer hair to create a nice beach effect. Top Hair Styling Tips - A fingertip sized amount of product should be plenty to achieve your style. - Rub the product all the way through your hands to generate heat which helps to apply evenly throughout the hair. - Apply styling product from back to front for an even application. This will also help to avoid any build up at the front.
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