Fragrance Focus: Black Tea

Fragrance Focus: Black Tea

Like a supernatural occurrence that turns an ordinary man into a superhero, the right fragrance can too hold the key to enhanced powers. It can make you a better (smelling) man. It can boost your confidence or mood (without the need to learn a new skill, win the lottery or take a shot of liquid courage). It can be the finishing touch to your fashionable wardrobe (yet remain time-proof against fickle fashion). It can also simply help you become more irresistible to others (good, old pheromones). Not bad for something you can’t even see. In many ways, smell is the oddest of the senses and it is certainly more than meets the nose. The same part of the brain – the limbic system, which supports olfaction (posh for ‘smelling’) is responsible for storing our long-term memory, emotions, motivation and behaviour. That explains another superpower of the scent, the time travel. How many times has an unexpected whiff transported you years back to a particular moment in time, person or feeling long-forgotten? And it was travel, but in the more traditional sense that inspired Murdock’s signature ‘elegant traveller’ Black Tea – a masculine blend of spices and a homage to Britain’s historic spice and tea routes. In this rich, evocative fragrance even the top notes alone (what you smell within the first few minutes of spraying the scent) read like the most exciting travel itinerary: Cloves from Madagascar, Nutmeg from Ceylon, Basil from Egypt, Pepper from Paraguay… But that’s just the start of the journey, because what any fragrance is really about begins to show only after it has been on your skin for a few minutes. Your skin’s heat and moisture will bring out the middle and base notes of a scent: Leather, Musk, Birch Tar, Cedar and Sandalwood, in the case of Black Tea. These give this ‘Made in England’ Cologne the complexity of a fragrance that manages to be sensuous and rich in scent without ever overpowering the nose, and everyone around you. So simply spray and revel in your brand new superpowers. You can also enjoy this scent in the shower with our Black Tea Body Soap or while you set the mood with our Murdock candle.

Black Tea Body Soap

Hand-cut and detergent-free soap to gently cleanse and hydrate without stripping the skin and leaving notes of spice and wood from Black Tea. Formulated with moisturising Olive Oil, gently cleansing Coconut Oil, Vitamin A & D rich Sweet Almond oil, certified organic Palm Oil (source of Vitamin E), nourishing Cocoa Butter, and Goats Milk rich in lactic acid that helps to keep skin well hydrated.

Black Tea Candle

A true statement candle to set the modern man's home apart. A two-wick, black wax candle made of finest quality 100% soy wax scented with Black Tea. Distilled cotton wicks ensure a clean burn with less soot and a great fragrance throw. Light up, and create an atmosphere to relax and unwind.

Tea Time Trivia

“Although tea arrived in England in 1657, it did not immediately become popular. First sold in coffee houses, tea was heavily taxed, illegally smuggled, altered, and fought over. This cologne was inspired by the intrepid voyages of bringing spices and tea from around the globe.” Speaking of superpowers…

COMPETITION: Be Hero Handsome

To celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity War, we’re giving away a superhero service package to one lucky winner... For the chance to win 2x Full Service experiences at Murdock, simply follow @murdocklondon on Instagram and tag us in a photo of you and a heroic friend you’d like to share the experience with using #herohandsome. We’ll contact the lucky winner at midday next Thursday (10th).
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