How Stress Affects Your Style

How Stress Affects Your Style

Between high-pressure jobs, family commitments and trying to maintain an active social life, stress is becoming more and more prevalent to our everyday lives. But it’s not just the mental tension that comes with excess stress in our day to day lives, it can also have a detrimental affect on our looks – so there’s even more reason to try to chill out!

How stress can affect your skin

Studies have proven that excessive amounts of stress can alter your hormone balance, increasing your skin’s cortisol production, which, in turn, leads to clogged pores and breakouts. If that isn’t bad enough, stress can also dry out your skin, depending on your body’s reaction to the extra cortisol produced. Because cortisol can reduce your skin’s elasticity and water retention, it is important that you use a high-quality face moisturiser to keep it hydrated. Murdock’s Face Moisturiser is designed specifically to inject some much-needed hydration back into your skin. Our innovative formula contains an energising complex of ingredients specially chosen to increase your skin’s collagen production and help to prevent moisture loss; making your complexion feel smoother and firmer from the very first application.

50ml bottle FACE MOISTURISER angle

How stress can affect your hair

Another side effect of excess stress in your day to day life is patches of baldness that can appear anywhere on your body. This can be due to alopecia areata, also known as spot baldness, or due to a condition called trichotillomania, which is where stress triggers a tick that means you pick at your beard or head hairs, often without realising it. If you begin to notice bald patches anywhere on your head or body, it’s important that you pay attention to your day-to-day responses to stress, to stop the condition developing further. To help reverse the effects of alopecia areata or trichotillomania, use a quality men’s shampoo and conditioner, such as our Quince and Oakmoss range, that is packed with protein to leave hair thicker, healthier and softer to touch.

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Check out The Murdock Man for more grooming tips and tricks for men, and insights from our expert barbers to master your grooming upkeep.

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